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Decorate Your Loft Space with Comfortable & Affordable Furniture

When it comes to home décor furniture such as offered by The Soft Loft, high expectations accompany loft living. Wide-open spaces and high ceilings offer lots of room for your favorite things, but it’s quite easy to feel lost within a sea of just too much square footage. Therefore, what is the secret of creating a cozy environment within a loft? Creating ‘rooms’ in the layout, and then choosing and staging furniture as well as accessories that define your loft space. This article offers loft decorating ideas that will help you in assessing your options and designing a home that feels like you.


Divide the Space According To How You Utilize the Home

Do you require a full-fledged office because you work from home, or could your dining table serve double purposes and be a desk when required? Do you often entertain and need a bigger living room or kitchen with additional seating? Ask yourself what you anticipate from every room, and then carve spaces out to fit your lifestyle. Also, ensure that you create clear walkways in between the spaces in the layout design.


Coordinate the Color Palette

With a clear view from one room to the other, particularly when it comes to furniture for a modern loft, it is a lot more cohesive to decorate using complementary colors. This design technique will cause your loft space to appear much more pulled-together, and enable you to rearrange décor items whenever the mood strikes you. Consider neutral lighting fixtures and furniture which are accented with colorful pillows as well as accessories.


Check the Scale of Your Furniture

To make sure that your home feels homey and comfortable, ensure that the furniture is most properly scaled, particularly when decorating a rustic loft. Small décor pieces will surely feel uncomfortable and appear awkward in open, large lofts. Thus, choose bigger furniture items within reason, and have them mixed in with medium-sized furnishings. Alternatively, you should consider designing a piece or more of custom furniture that’s perfectly scaled to your space.


Become Creative with Storage

The majority of loft layouts are short on built-in bookshelves and closets. Take room divider furniture, such as large shelving units that break the space up and offer somewhere to rest decorative objects and books, into consideration. Furniture that features drawers (bureaus and desks) comes in quite handy and could be positioned at the back of sofas or floated within the center of the room. Wall hooks and coat racks easily stow hats, jackets, and bags in the entryway, while pegboards and wall hooks could be quite handy for vertical storage in offices and kitchens.


Design Your Own Art Gallery

Large open walls are similar to blank canvasses to display art on. Begin by gathering framed pieces that appear cohesive. Your collection could grow with time, thus do not worry if you own just a few pieces to begin. First, hang them in the center, then work your way to the outer parts.


These are the foremost ideas when it comes to using home décor pieces such as those offered by The Soft Loft to affordably yet beautifully decorate your loft space