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Decorating Your Loft for Summer

Posted by admin 07/15/2020 0 Comment(s)


Decorating Your Loft for Summer


Tips and ideas on how to bring Summer indoors.

Each season has its own personality and character that we see and feel each year. They all have different weather conditions, sounds and smells that affect us physically as well as emotionally. We know these seasonal changes affect us when we are outside but how do they impact the inside of our home, our Casa? 


We often go through rituals to prepare for each season.


Fall’s beautiful colors signal cooler temperatures ahead so we pull the cozy blankets and throws out of storage.


With Winter, more indoor lighting is needed for everyday tasks and to brighten our spirits during the long dark days.


Spring is time for renewal. Cleaning our homes is a common exercise and it’s also a good time to purchase some new furniture or do some much-needed painting.

But Summer gives us the feeling of freedom. We can take advantage of the longer daylight hours and get a lot of work done on DIY projects in the evenings. It is the time when most of us do major renovations or redesign of our homes.


If you’re not doing any renovations, you can still do some minor changes to your décor that will give you that airy summer feel inside.


Here are some Ideas on how to bring the summer indoors – without working up too much of a sweat!


1) One of the best ways to get that airy, summer vibe is to add some light colored sheer curtains to your windows. Whether you have a contemporary loft, a small apartment or a detached home, adding these window treatments will give your windows a softer look.


2) Speaking of windows, since there are more daylight hours beaming through those east-facing windows in the morning when you are trying to sleep, you might want to add some room-darkening drapery, in shades of white or cream. Layer this with the sheer curtains to soften the style.

3) Adding some potted plants to your living room or to your outdoor space adds a touch of nature to your home.  For those of us that do not have a green thumb, try some silk plants. They look very real.

4) Summer is the time to take advantage of the beautiful fresh-cut, locally grown flowers to add to your décor. They will always brighten your day.


5) Add some summer-themed accents or wall art. Beach and Coastal themes are popular but if that is not your style for your loft, try some floral designs in iron or metal like the example here:  Very Cool!



6) Bring in some bright colored fans to keep you cool and add some fun. These will also save you money on Air Conditioning. There are some really good, portable battery-operated fans available these days. They work well when the power goes out in those summer storms or in the event of rolling blackouts.


7) No need for heavy, thick fabric rugs in the summer! Add some lightweight rugs with the colors of nature, like greens and blues, to bring the look of the outdoors inside. 

8) We mentioned painting above. Adding color to your walls will provide the most dramatic change for the least amount of money.  Cooler colors, especially hues of blue, are popular now so try refreshing Teal or Caribbean Sea shades for that summer feel.


9) If you have some old-fashioned crystal or glassware packed away, bust it out and serve up some spiked lemonade drinks to the gang at your next summer gathering. If not, use a trendy, white bowl to display fruit arrangements, or cold pasta salads when having friends and family over for happy hour.  We love this one:


10) Remember the candles we talked about in our prior blogs? Finish up your summer design by adding or changing them up with ocean, clean linen or citrus scents.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy your summer!


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Happy Designing!

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