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What are the Best Interior Accents to Add to Your Home?

Posted by admin 05/08/2020 0 Comment(s)


What would our home be like without accessories and accents? Sure our furniture is functional, defines the room and makes a statement about our character, but accessories will add that exclamation point, that finishing touch which brings all of the pieces together to show your unique sense of style.

At we have many classic and unique interior home accents to add to your décor


Here are some considerations you need to think about while interior decorating:


1. Size


If you have a larger home or a loft with tall ceilings, you can go with oversized wall accessories to ensure a good balance.


For example, our Black Wall Clock will provide a statement that speaks sophistication and class and the Roman Numerals just add to it’s elegance. At 35 inches in diameter, this clock is large enough to not look out of place in a room with those high ceilings or it can also be the centerpiece of a grand foyer.

2. Color


And what home would not be complete without some greenery? Many successful interior designers will add silk plants and/or real plants to their design to add a touch of mother earth’s peace and serenity.  Beautiful plants and flowers will add softness to the style. But remember, the vases and planters are just as important. Our beautiful Maya Planter goes with any décor – rustic or modern. Add some fresh cut lilies and it would look perfect on top of a hallway or entryway cabinet.


Speaking of cabinets, the Maya Planter would be a perfect match for this gorgeous Gully corner cabinet. The roses embossed in the doors make this a unique and interesting piece.  Add some lovely colorful roses from your garden or favorite florist and this pair would make a beautiful, artistic statement.


3. Space


Here at SoftLoft, we love candles.  But we understand that sometimes our homes can be short on table, cabinet or shelf space to display all of them. We have the perfect solution – use wall space! This elegant wall candle holder will give you the best of both worlds. It has a sturdy black metal frame and wooden holders that support the delicate glass container.


Add two of these beautiful accents to each side of a cabinet or small sofa or loveseat and you can insert any color candle to match your design.  Design Hint: Change out the candle colors occasionally to reflect the seasons…or even your mood.

4. Texture


Bring some nostalgia and comfort to your home with this gorgeous Serin White Throw Blanket.


It’s style and texture will remind you of a vintage hand-made sweater…maybe worn by your grandfather back in the day. It will bring a feeling warmth and relaxation when placed on a leather chair, sofa or your comfy bed.

In fact, if you want to envision yourself wrapped up in this beautiful throw while sitting on our comfy, handcrafted Oak Bed, click here and you can check out the whole Millennium Park collection.

Hopefully we gave you some great ideas and suggestions for interior accent design.


As always, be sure to check out our extensive range of products on our site that we know would look great in your home!



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