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5 Places Where You Need Area Rugs and Runners When Decorating Your Home

If you are seeking an area rug such as offered by The Soft Loft, to use for either a practical or decorative purpose, then runner rugs could be an excellent choice. Their narrow and long design adds an amazing touch to any room’s décor and instantly turns any boring space into an interesting one. In a practical sense, runners safeguard the feet from slipping in especially vulnerable areas, safeguard hardwood floors from wear and tear, and add comfort to any hard floor. Perfect for use in areas in which large rugs aren’t sensible or just do not fit, here are five places into which they fit very nicely.


Runners are capable of adding an air of true sophistication to stairways while protecting them from extra wear and tear. Also, they add a powerful level of protection from feet slipping, it always remains a crucial factor that must be considered for kids, the elderly, and pets.


Hallways are lengthy and frequently challenging to dress up. Adding quality hallway area rugs brings eye-catching design and color to what might have otherwise been a forgotten, drab space. Hallway rugs are quite crucial when it comes to the decoration of homes generally.


As entryways are always the first part of your home that all visitors come across when they arrive and are entering into your home, a stylish could add a pleasing and amazing ‘WOW’ factor to space. When you use them on your entryway, your visitors feel a lot more welcome right from the moment the front door closes behind them. Also, they help in decreasing the amount of ‘foot debris’ that visitors bring into your home.


It is a well-known fact that lots of bedrooms in homes feature hardwood floors. If this is the same with you, then runners on either side of your bed will function not only to add a real decorative touch, but they will also provide your foot with a cozy place to land onto when you step out of bed every single morning. The feeling of first having one’s foot on the lush, soft feel of a rug in the morning can only be imagined. It’s definitely the best way to always start your day!


Frequently, bathroom floors are narrow, thus making runner area rugs an excellent means of adding some flair to the room while significantly minimizing floor wear and decreasing potential slippage. Besides, there is nothing worse than stepping on freezing-cold tiles after taking a warm, bath or shower. Take a shag runner into consideration so you can get that additional spa treatment inside your bathroom.

Area rugs and runners, such as those you can buy from The Soft Loft, are offered in virtually all designs and shapes to suit all tastes. Go contemporary or traditional in style. The best thing is; no installation is needed.