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Kitchen & Dining

Creating an Amazing Ambience for Your Kitchen and Dining with The Soft Loft Color & Style


When it comes to kitchen and dining color schemes that you can create with products from the foremost interior décor suppliers like The Soft Loft, you have so many color choices ranging from dark to vibrant that you can use for imposing warm to cool tones in the kitchen. Bringing bright colors into your kitchen and revamping its whole status quotient can be an intimidating thought to lots of individuals. Nevertheless, choosing a color scheme happens to be the most gratifying and thoughtful means of bringing life to any kitchen.


Most individuals choose subtle hues but bringing a bright color in could add great shine to your kitchen, instantly uplifting its environment and mood. This article offers how you can create an amazing color scheme in your kitchen so you make it inviting and bright.


Selecting Cabinet Colors

Kitchen cabinets consume most of your budget and they occupy a good part of the visual space. This is among the key reasons why you need to select a color for the cabinets which suits your taste but still fits into your home’s style and personality. If you are a lover of colors and you have a kitchen that’s painted in neutral colors, choose brightly colored cabinets or wall decor, and match them with trendy bar stools! If you have more floor space than cabinet space, try adding a cabinet to the area to add storage and style.


Selecting Appliances Colors

The order of the colors of your kitchen cabinets can’t be decided until such a time that you know the kind of appliances that you are going to buy. As your appliances and sink function as the focal point of your kitchen, they carry quite an impact on how the color scheme of your kitchen will work in the end. Don’t forget to add eclectic tabletop decor and other novelty items to pull your look together. 


Selecting Countertop Colors

Also occupying a large portion of the visual space in any kitchen, the countertop is an eye-level appliance and, selecting the most ideal color for it is quite necessary. The easiest means of getting this done is to have the color of your cabinetry fully coordinated with that of your countertop so you can have a perfect color scheme. 


Selecting Flooring Colors

When you’re in the process of choosing colors for the kitchen flooring, ensure that they complement and coordinate well with your kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Afterward, ensure that the color of the flooring is well-coordinated with the color of the floor of adjoining rooms. If you’re not in a position to re-floor or retile, consider a stylish rug!


Selecting A Wall Color

The crucial component of a general color scheme is typically the forgotten backdrop. Paint your kitchen walls in an attractive color as they shouldn’t be left out just because they feature low visibility. Choose a color that maintains an excellent balance with your kitchen’s backsplash, cabinets, lighting,  and floors.

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